Friday, 7 September 2012

Short Tall Tales, A Medium Sized Introduction

Why hello there!

Apparently, in order to get marks in a course I am currently taking I have to write a blog. This seems slightly redundant. I mean, I know I can write and I'm not exactly one of those people who enjoys reporting their own lives. So instead of recording the arbitrary minutiae of everyday life, which you all have to experience anyways and should therefore be able to do yourselves if you want, I instead plan to write:


Well I thought it was a clever pun.

I have always had a bit of a knack for writing short stories and since I have to make 26 blog posts between now and December, this is an excellent motivation to force myself to write some. So here is the plan:

First, all stories will be published in two parts. I will write them, probably on the weekend, and then publish the first half on Wednesday and the second half on Friday. The reason for this is because the stories tend to be much longer then your average blog post, approximately two to three pages of text. I can only count 1 post per day towards the class and so must spread out these long posts. Don't worry, I'll do my best to link the stories together for easy reading.

Second, all stories will be based on true events. While fiction is something that is made up, I like to think that a tall tale is a true story which contains lies or exaggeration. So the stories will not be exactly the same as the real events, but will be based on something which has happened. Usually I end up adding more dialog, a bit more of a sense of panic, and rabbits.

Finally, I have a tendency to write stories the way I would read them out loud. My English teachers theory was that I was born to be a scop, a type of bard who remembered, created and recited stories about past events. Since I write stories in this way I tend to use sarcasm and rhetorical questions in the stories, which is a little strange in writing. When reading the stories, it may help to imagine someone reading them to you. I know that it helps me

 I hope to have the first half of the first story up on Wednesday. Until then hang tight and remember, if in doubt, run and panic until you collapse.

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